The Qualification Structure

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The qualifications framework combines both the practical and theoretical, and is designed to support the aspirations of all people interested in coaching American football.

Flag Leaders Award

The Flag Leaders Award focuses upon the non-contact version of American football, and is designed to provide a great introduction to the most accessible version of the game. Interest in Flag football is growing significantly and the one-day Leaders Award is perfect for teachers, young leaders and those seeking to establish a Flag team in their local community.

The rest of the qualification structure is tiered and currently contains two levels which support the progressive development of the coach.

Level 1

This course is open to individuals who have never coached or played the sport, however, a basic understanding of American football is required.

Candidates must be minimum 18 years of age.

The Level 1 qualification is an award suitable for assistant coaches working under the supervision of a more qualified coach but it does suffice for Head Coaches. It introduces the concepts of coaching through the philosophy of the CEP along with the basic technical skills of the sport. The modules include:

  • Health and safety in football
  • Responsibilities of the coach
  • Basic teaching and coaching methods
  • Blocking and tackling techniques
  • Ball skill techniques

The level 1 is a one day course that features a mixture of theory and practical work and does allow coaches to lead programmes.

Level 2

Candidates for the Level 2 course must be minimum 18 years of age. They should have previously attained the level 1 qualification and spent at minimum one season actively coaching. Alternatively, individuals with a high degree of previous coaching experience or playing experience may apply for dispensation to undertake the level 2 as their entry qualification to coaching.

The Level 2 qualification builds upon the platform provided by the level 1 award, providing more advanced tactical and technical knowledge and supporting the coach in becoming more effective in working in a supervisory capacity.

The Level 2 qualification includes modules on:

  • Coaching Philosophy
  • The Coaching Process
  • The Coaching Environment
  • Coaching Young People
  • Risk Management
  • Physical capability
  • Mental skills
  • Tactical development
  • Technical Skills
  • Planning and Preparation

The level 2 is a two day course that features a mixture of theory and practical work.