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Welcome to the new BAFA Teaching Football page

For schools that are not School Games schools, look at the Touchdown Football Programme Resources. For School Games schools, look at the resources on this page to guide you through the new Competition Formats and the Challenge Cards.

The Touchdown Football programme resources

The 'BAFA Basics for' series (School Games)

‘BAFA’s Basics for’ are short information guides for teaching American football for the School Games. The guides include:

‘BAFA’s Basics of’ provide key information about three key aspects of the programme:

Look out for the "School Games Friendly" logo on teams' social media accounts to see which programmes run to School Games specifications.

Video Resources

For teachers unfamiliar with American Football, please view the illustration videos on BAFA’s YouTube channel of the Competition formats and Challenge Card activities (see also http://www.yourschoolgames.com/sports). Refer also to the ‘BAFA’s Basics for’ Primary & Secondary Schools and the ‘BAFA Basics of’ for quick over-views of the following videos:



Touchdown Resources

Available only after attending the Teachers’ Induction Day. For more information, see ‘BAFA’s Basics for Teachers and Schools’.

Further Information

Go to youthsportsdirect.org for details on the exclusive products sold to support the School Games activities.

Go to youthsporttrust.com/leadershippathways for details on the new Touchdown Awards.

Contact schools@britishamericanfootball.org for details about the new Touchdown Junior Flag Activator Certificate