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Each competition requires participants to adhere to a series of Rules and Regulations.

The Rules of the Game determine the way in which the game is played across Great Britain - bringing a level of standardisation to the sport.

The principle Rules include:
- The Game, Field, Players and Equipment
- Definitions
- Periods, Time Factors and Substitutions
- Ball in Play, Dead Ball, Out of Bounds
- Series of Downs, Line to Gain
- Kicks
- Snapping and Passing the Ball
- Scoring
- Conduct of Players and Others Subject to Rules
- Penalty Enforcement1
- The Officials, Jurisdiction and Duties
- Instant Replay
- Standards for Game Management

The Rules of the Game can be found here.
The Medical Rules can be found here.

Game Regulations largely relate to the systems and structures employed by the specific competitions including British University Championships (contact football in partnership with BUCS)

Core Documents for Use
Generic Interim Roster Sheet
BAFRA Roster Template 2018

Guidance for Pre-season Player Trials

Competition Rules and Regulations 2020-2021
BAFA National Leagues debtors list template 2019
BAFA Guide to Self-Officiating for 11v11 contact
BAFA Guide to Self-Officiating for 11v 11 contact - appendix 1: game day audit
BAFA Guide to Self-Officiating for 11v 11 contact - appendix 2: game day checklist guidelines
League Republic User Guide

National Leagues Registration - help and support
The BAFA registrations team can provide clubs, players, coaches and staff with help and support relating to team and member registration.

You can email them at and they will respond to you within five working days. Here are some useful step-by-step user guides to help you manage the most common tasks.

Creating a new BAFA membership-2019-2020

Renewing membership - 2019-2020
Upgrading membership 2019-2020
How to transfer 2018-2019 (including info for club admins)

How to register your team - 2018-2019 (club admins only)

How to approve new members 2018-2019 (club admins only)

How to add or update club and team information (club admins only)
How to upload club credentials (club admins only)
How to run your roster - 2018-2019 (club admins only)
Hide function (club admins only)
How to upload qualifications and CPD (coaches)

International Transfers
ITC Documents 2017