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The standard and type of facilities which are required for American football vary dependent upon the type of football being played.

Changing Facilities

American football teams are renown for their large squad sizes. Ideally changing facilities should be able to handle squads of in excess of 40 squad members per team.

Crews of referees are larger than most other sports. Crews can contain 7 members. Ideally changing facilities should accommodate this number.

For small variants of the game the demands on space are less onerous.

A number of teams also have cheerleaders who may require separate changing rooms.


Field Surfaces

Sanctioned games can take place on a range of surfaces.

The recommended surfaces to be used for competitive games are: Grass; 3rd and 4th Generation astro turf field; sand-based astro turf.

Field Sizes and Markings

Details on field sizes for the below variants can be found here

11-a-side contact football

8-a-side contact football

5-a-side contact football

Flag football

If your team is unable to meet the required standard then they should discuss this with representatives of the relevant competition management so appropriate modifications can be explored. 

Field Equipment

All teams should look to maintain a set of field equipment appropriate to the format of the game which they play. This may include:

Posts (rugby posts are acceptable)

Post Protectors

Chain Set

Yardage Markers

Goal line and Endzone Markers