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Club development should be a continuous process, regardless of how established the club is.

Development can occur in many ways. It could be through adding new age or discipline sections to the club to provide greater provision. It could be through changing the policies and procedures of the club to make it more effective in its activities. Finally, it could be through investing in continuous professional development for the club's staff to make them more effective in their particular role.

BAFA recommends that all its member clubs register for free with Sport England Club Leaders. Club Leaders is part of the Olympic Legacy programme, Places People Play, and provides free training and support to those doing the day-to-day running of community sport, helping create a robust, economically sustainable and enterprising club network.

Accreditation Schemes

A number of BAFA clubs have already started to work towards achieving Clubmark recognition. Clubmark is the only national cross sports quality accreditation scheme for clubs with junior sections. It is built around a set of core criteria which ensure that accredited clubs operate to a set of consistent, accepted and adopted minimum operating standards.

Equally, BAFA clubs have started to look in depth at the Government’s Community Amateur Sports Club scheme (CASC). Registering as a Community Amateur Sports Club can provide a range of financial benefits for community sports clubs.

It should be noted that whilst many clubs will and do benefit from CASC registration, it is not right for every club and the decision to register should not be taken lightly. Further details on CASC can be found on the two following sites: CASCInfo and HMRC


Areas for Development

As highlighted above, there are various ways of supporting the development of your club. Below are a list of resources which we recommend are read to inform club development. Please be aware that each of these should not be considered in isolation. If new sections of the club are added then there will have to be appropriate workforce plans in place to cater for new members.

Guidance from Sport Wales: Developing Clubs

Includes resources and guidance on: volunteering; attracting membership; equality.

Guidance from sportscotland: Help for Clubs

Includes resources and guidance on: Self Assessment; funding, promotion; safeguarding; workforce development; working with schools, and facilities.