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Competitions are at the very heart of BAFA's work and we work hard to make sure that we have the right competitions to support people engaging in football in a meaningful and accessible way.

BAFA has a series of Competition Management Groups whose responsibility it is for the successful delivery of appropriate competition structures for both Flag and contact football for people at different age grades. These incorporate clubs based in communities and those based in universities, colleges and schools.

As football continues to grow in popularity BAFA is committed to ensuring that it offers the right breadth of competitions and tournaments to maximise opportunities for people to enjoy our great sport.

As it currently stands, BAFA's competitions fall into a series of broad categories as follows:

National Leagues

Competitive football for community-based clubs. Competitions include:

Contact Football: Adult Championship (known collectively as The National Leagues) ; u19 Championship (11 v 11 and 8 v 8); u17 Championship (5 v 5).

Flag Football: Adult Championship; u15 Championship.

Competitions are mixed sex.

Student Football

Competitive football for teams based in schools; Further Education and Higher Education. Competitions include:

Contact Football: British University Championships (in partnership with BUCS); Alumni Championships.

Flag Football: British University Championships; British Colleges Tournaments (coming soon); Touchdown Schools County Championships.

Competitions are mixed sex.

Women's Football

Competitive football for women's teams combining student and community-based players. Competitions include:

Contact Football: The Sapphire Series (5 v 5); The Diamond Series (11 v 11)

Flag Football: The Opal Series (5 v 5 flag) ; Topaz Tournaments (5 v 5 Flag)

City Series

Competitive football for community and student-based teams. City tournaments include:

Contact Football (5 v 5): Gateshead / Newcastle Tournament; London Tournament

Affiliate Leagues

A number of third party organisations deliver football competitions. Those that work with BAFA are recognised as Affiliate Leagues.

Flag football is 5 v 5 unless stated

Contact football is 11 v 11 unless stated