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The club football season starts in April each year and culminates in the national finals in the late summer / early Autumn

For adults (18+) there are three levels of contact football; Premier, First and Second Divisions. Each has a regular season followed by a post-season knock-out phase with the final two teams represented in the national championship game - BritBowl

Women's football is played throughout the year as part of several distinct series, each with different formats:

The Sapphire Series - currently 5 v 5 and 7 v 7 tackle football women's national championship (for both club and university teams, 18+*)

The Diamond Series - 11 v 11 tackle football (organised nationally, similar to a regional competition set-up, open to all female players 18+*)

The Opal Series - 5 v 5 flag football women's national championship ( for both club and university teams, 16+*

Topaz Flag Tournaments - 5 v 5 flag (informal flag tournaments open to all players 16+)

* 17 year olds may play under some circumstances.

Adult flag (16+) is played as a five-a-side format with a similar regular season leading to the national championship game.

Junior (U19s) contact football is played in a full eleven-a-side format league season, similarly leading to the national championship game.

Youth (U17s) contact football is played in a five-a-side format, similar to flag football but with equipment and tackling as in the full game. Youth contact competition is based around a series of day tournaments where teams can play a number of short games against multiple opponents. The most successful teams through the tournament series are invited to play in the championship weekend tournament, with the final game played for the national championship.

Youth (U16s) and Cadet (U12s) flag football are similarly played in day tournaments culminating in a national championship tournament and game.


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